I am the roots beneath the earth, rarely noticed but always there to support. I stay in my place, hidden beneath your dirt.   I am the branches that twist and contort, ready to bend to your every will. I stay flexible, willing to snap for your comfort.   I am the wind chilling the … More Roots

The Shadow

People, why are you so afraid of the shadow? I find comfort knowing that the shadow is there. Because it only comes when light Shines upon the darkness of life.   The destroyer of darkness, is the shadow. It illuminates my life, And guides me through my journey.   Dark streets I strut through, knowing, … More The Shadow

Lucky Charm

“Babe, please do not forget to wash my lucky socks!” “Daniel, for the millionth time, I know.” Megan only called me Daniel when she was annoyed, but there was no risking it, not this time. “Sorry, you know that I am nervous. My interview is on Wednesday and I need my lucky socks.” “Yes I … More Lucky Charm