Firstly, what is Bare Humanity? What does that even mean? At first, I did not even know what it meant. It was not until my professor suggested that we begin blogging if we had not been doing so. That’s when the idea struct me like a lightning bolt.

I have always wanted to start a blog, but I never knew what to write about. I looked to other blogs for inspiration, but I only found that most of the blogs were similar to each other. I did not want to replicate a blog; I wanted this blog to have its own image. One theme that I did not find was the concept of humanity. With the various cultures of the world, there are endless things to learn. However, you cannot learn if nobody is teaching. With this in mind, Bare Humanity’s purpose is to reveal the secrets of the world.

No cover-ups, no edits, no biases, just humanity at its raw, uncut and bare form.

Welcome to Bare Humanity!


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