Legalization of Marijuana: Good or Bad?

Recently, Uruguay became the first country to legalize marijuana. Washington and Colorado were the first two states to legalize marijuana in the United States. Will New York be the third state to follow?


The legalization of marijuana has quickly become a popular topic to discuss. How come? Why are people so concerned with legalizing marijuana? Like most debates, there are two sides to the argument. While some believe legalizing marijuana will be a good thing, others believe there are more negative consequences. Here are both sides.

Marijuana has been known for its recreational usage. According to the National Institution on Drug Abuse, marijuana usage is popular among young adolescents and teenagers. Why is this a bad thing? Teenagers who have not even began their lives yet are quickly being labeled as criminals for using marijuana. 

According to US News, someone was arrested every 42 seconds for marijuana usage in 2012. 

The Good:

So what does this have to with anything? If marijuana is legalized, teenagers will not become criminals at a young age because of recreational drug usage. People do not wish to promote drug usage among the teenage population, but people also do not wish to see teenagers future’s jeopardized because of marijuana. There are worse crimes than smoking weed, and to classify the young population as felons is outrageous.

Also, in a time where the US debt is sky-rocketing, legalizing marijuana would only boost the economy. Legalizing marijuana would generate billions. It would also reduce the amount of money law enforcement spends to keep marijuana off the streets. The number of teenagers being imprisoned for drug use would decrease, making room for the real criminals.

With all of the good that legalizing marijuana can bring, people also believe that there are also negative consequences to legalizing pot.

The Bad:

Legalizing pot can boost the struggling economy; however, people do not wish to promote marijuana usage to the teenage population. Marijuana can be used for medical purposes, but it is often used as a recreational drug. People believe that weed can promote crime and violence.

Although marijuana is not as harmful as other drug, it is believed that pot can be used as a stepping-stone to harder drugs.

Marijuana is also frowned upon in society. Smoking pot can hurt you as well as people around you. For instance, second-hand smoke can be harmful to others.

Selling pot is a problem within itself. Selling pot illegally can lead to violence and more serious crimes.


Marijuana could be the solution to some of the societal problems, but it can also be the cause. In my opinion, I believe that society can benefit from the legalization of marijuana if government officials can properly regulate it. With two states and the first country legalizing pot, only time can tell whether or not it will be beneficial to the world.


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