Evolution: Are Humans Naturally Violent?


This holiday, I was fortunate enough to make it home for the release of the new Jordan brand sneakers (sarcasm). As I was walking around shopping for the holidays, I could not help but notice long lines for Footlocker and other sneaker stores. Like always, something bad happens when people are anxious for a release of trendy items.

A couple of days after the sneakers released, I began to search the web for news about the sneakers. The first thing that I saw were videos of people fighting on lines and in the stores for these sneakers; however, this is not the only time I have seen violence like this.

Black Friday produces more violence than any time of the year! It is something about sales or limited edition items that brings the savageness out of people. After realizing all of this violence for things that we desire, I began to question humanity.

Are humans naturally violent?

If you think about it, we all started off as uncivilized beings. We only started to become civilized after the Neolithic Revolution. Before that, we were mere beasts that hunted for survival. It is like the saying, “you can take the dog out the fight, but you cannot take the fight out of the dog.” At a time, we were born to hunt. We were born to fight. We were born to survive.

There is a reason that every child goes through the “mine” phase.

Even after the birth of civilization, we still fought each other for our desires. Just look at the wars for land and other natural resources. The first thing that humanity resorts to is violence when trying to get what they want.

I think of it as tigers. I recently saw a documentary of two people who domesticated a tiger; however, tigers were born to kill. There have been instances where domesticated tigers have attacked their owners, but can you blame them? If they were born to kill, is it their fault that they resort to violence?

We were once one with the wilderness, but we have lost our way and allow concrete jungles and skyscrapers to remove us from our natural habitat. A civilized life is a better life, but we cannot forget our past.

I do believe that we are naturally violent. No matter how civilized we have become, there will always be violence deep down inside of us. But who can judge us? Just like dogs, we were born with a bark. Society has suppressed our bark, but there is always one thing that will trigger us to go back to our natural habitat.

This is just my opinion. Just because I believe that humans are naturally violent does not mean that I agree with the violence that has been going on. We should be fighting (not physically) for the things that we need, and not the things that we want. Sneakers, televisions and all of those materialistic items are not a necessity of life. All of these random acts of violence are unnecessary and are degrading to all of humanity. Hopefully, 2014 can bring change for the greater good of mankind to allow us to use our bark for something productive.


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