A Beautiful Day in the Mountains (Journal from my trip to India)

Here is a journal entry from my trip to India, over two years ago. It is amazing looking back and reflecting on the incredible opportunity I was blessed with. A lot has changed since my trip to India. I can honestly say that because of that trip, I have become a better person. Enjoy, and relive my experience with me!

Au Revoir!

A Beautiful Day in the Mountains (Day 8)

It was something about the morning that made it feel like it was going to be a good day. My home-stay family father work me up at 5 a.m. to drink chai. After breakfast I walked to the school with the children of the village. They had so many questions for me that I know they couldn’t remember all the information I was telling them. It made me feel so comforting, like I belong in the village with them. When I reached APV, some of the kids had to part ways to go to a school further up the mountain, Modern Day Public School, and so the day began.

The morning meditation felt so relaxing, and the morning mist and the smell of wet grass gently calmed us. After the morning meditation and singing, the students performed a play for us in English. This really inspired me because with English being a second language to them, they spoke so confidently. I was always nervous when speaking French, however, now I feel like I can do it with confidence.

Luis at the APV School

'Thank You Friends!' APV students perform a play to welcome ILP.JPG
APV students perform a welcome play for ILP!

After the play, we each were assigned a group of students. I was assigned two students whose names are Preshant and Punam. It was like a meet and greet. They came prepared with questions. Some of them made me think deeply about myself because I didn’t have definitive answers.

Luis introduces his two students to the class.JPG
Luis introduces Preshant and Punam to the rest of the group

After we got to know each other, it was break-time for the children. It was amazing how a single game of soccer (football) could bring everyone together and brighten people’s day.

After the break was over, we assembled back in the classroom. Mohan (APV coordinator and school teacher) then explained the school’s system of mathematics. They used beads, a very basic but fundamental system. Each color bead represented a unit. Blues were ones, reds were tens and greens were hundreds. Then we split into groups again to practice our new profound knowledge. It’s incredible how something so simple can be so complex.

Luis solves a math problem for APV students.JPG
Luis explains how to solve a math problem on the board to APV students

Luis and a student play with beads to solve math problems.JPG
Luis and a student play with beads to solve math problem

After this, the school day was over. Now its time to return to our home-stay and rest for a new day of enlightenment.


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