Oxford Adventures: Day 1

After my flight being delayed, switched, and delayed again, it is safe to say that I have finally arrived at Oxford! Honestly, I did not know what to expect upon my arrival, but this place completely blew my mind. Arriving at Oxford was like stepping into a goldmine of history.

It was a very productive first day, being the fact that it was as if I time-traveled, jumping 5 hours ahead of time. After we all got settled into our rooms, Br. Basil held a meeting to formally welcome us to Trinity College (It was very hard trying to stay awake during the meeting).

After the meeting, we had a little break before going to the pub down the street to eat dinner. Of course I had to take a 5 minute nap to regain some energy. At the pub, I ate a King’s Arms burger with a Pimm’s cocktail (yes, the drinking age is 18 in England). Admittedly, the burger was actually tasty as well as the cocktail.

Rebecca decided to take us on a tour around the local park to show us running trails along with the Gifford circus. Along the way, we stopped on a bridge and learned what punting was. Punting is just riding in a punt, or a boat (I thought it was an extreme sport or something). The view of the river was amazing. It is something that I cannot get in NYC.


After the park, some of us decided to go to the local market to pick up some snacks and toiletries for our rooms. Of course it started to rain. The welcome to England would not be complete without some rain.

Now it is time to get some rest for a long day in London tomorrow!


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