The intertwining of Writing and Orientation

Writing is one of the most unique tools a person can possess. Before writing, communication was not as powerful because it was harder to spread word around. Even after written communication came about, it was not until technological advancements that writing became as strong as it is now. In today’s society, writing is unique because it allows for you to interact with someone on the other side of the world or understand a culture which you are not normally exposed to. This is why writing has been very important to me, going back to the roots of my childhood.

It is interesting to think that writing has helped me escape the orientation in which I normally live in. Orientation, at least how Burke describes it, usually begins at birth. The language we learn, the culture we are exposed to, our beliefs, all are taught to us by either our parents or our surroundings. All of this hinders the way we interpret life and understand our surroundings. Take the chicken and the bell example: if we grow up under one perspective, we might not understand the norms of other cultures which affects how we interact with others. Writing breaks down these oriental barriers and allows for global interactions.

My orientation, the way I view the world, began with the teaching my parents passed down to me. It was not until I was introduced to writing that I began developing my own beliefs. Writing has allowed me to change my beliefs whenever I learn something new. The power to write and read other people’s writings is the sole reason for what my beliefs are today, which ironically is to hold very minimal beliefs because they are what creates oriental barriers.

With today’s media such as social networks and television, it is easy to spread false information which is why I am careful when using such tools. I use social networks such as Facebook and Twitter to stay connected with family and friends as well as a tool to stay up-to-date with world events. I believe that these media tools have negatively impacted the way I communicate with people. Yes, it does allow for global communications, but it has taken away our abilities to establish personal connections with each other. Before, you had to talk with people face to face. Now all of the talking is done behind a computer or phone screen.

It is interesting to reflect on my orientation and how writing and digital media has impacted it. On one hand writing had digital media has allowed me to open my mind to free myself from my cultural barrier; however, on the other hand, digital media has forced me to question everything that I read because with the limitless amount of information on the web, it is sometimes difficult to distinguish truth from fiction.


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