Sports Illustrated: Profile


Sports illustrated has been covering historical sporting events since 1954. With our weekly magazines, when history happens we happen. Are you not one of the 23 million subscribers who enjoys to read our magazine? No problem, our online presence is just as strong as our magazine. Don’t believe us? Maybe you will believe not one, but two National Magazine Award for general excellence given to us. Sports Illustrated is tailored for anyone who wishes to follow sports. It could be your mother, your father, even your grandmother. If they enjoy reading about sports, Sports Illustrated is the magazine to pick up.


Remember the Miracle on Ice, where the U.S National Hockey team upset the Soviet Union who had won six out of seven previous olympic games? Guess who was there to cover what is considered the top sports moment in the 20th century: That’s right, Sports Illustrated. Sports Illustrated has been around longer than any other magazine and offer exclusive content that no other sports publications have.

At Sports Illustrated, we know what you want. We give you vibrant front covers that will catch your attention from a mile away. We formatted our website so it is easy to read and enjoyable to look at. We publish only the best content available to please our audience. So it does not matter if you are a sports fanatic, or a die-hard sports fan: Sports Illustrated is the magazine for everyone looking to get their sports fix. So do you want to be a part of history? Well at Sports Illustrated, we bring history to your front door.

With our easily-ready content, our Sports Illustrated website offers extensive articles if you enjoy reading about specific sports and athletes. We also offer quick stats and scores if you just want to get up-to-date quickly. Maybe you enjoy listening to sports analysis instead of reading articles; well, our website offers podcasts for subscribers to listen to. We even offer films! Here at Sports Illustrated, we are devoted to give our subscribers everything that their hearts desire.


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