Flash Fiction Reflection

My main objective with my creative writing piece was to illustrate a prologue to a much bigger story. With this being my goal, I found it somewhat difficult trying to tie in all of the pieces that would play a role in the entire story and not only in the flash fiction. When approaching this story, at first I just wrote it in a single sitting to get all of the ideas on paper and it ultimately created itself. It was almost as if it was accidental how the story panned out.

Revising my story was more difficult than expected because I felt like everything that I added to the story was needed in order to fully understand it. So when I was given feedback on having to cut some of the stuff out, I found it hard to cut any piece out without having to completely alter the rest of the story. The feedback in class was very helpful with making more additions to the story to further develop my plot. Some of the suggestions that were given to me in class, I would have never thought of.

My first take on this story was not as successful as I would have wanted it to be because there was more explaining myself than having the story unfold by itself. With the suggestions that my classmates gave me, my next drafts became more concise to what I wanted to achieve. Ultimately, I wanted my readers to be shocked when they made the connections between the three characters. One example in which I know I was successful was when one of my classmates said that they simply skipped over a part that they did not think was needed until they read the end and then realized that part of the story was actually essential to the larger image.

I enjoyed reading everyone’s stories because no story was better than the other. They all had different and creative ideas that were fun to read. If I had to choose the story that I enjoyed reading the most, it would be Ryan’s “Lt. America” because it was the only one that took a comedic stance and his reading of it created the vivid image as if I was a part of the story. Overall, this was my favorite activity of the semester.


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