Final Reflection


This class has been one of my favorite writing classes by far because of the different types of writing it offered. The fact that we had to do different types of writing all semester just alone is a reason why I developed my writing. In terms of skills and strategies, I developed my writing further this semester because I never was exposed to certain types of writing such as a rhetorical analysis and a literary analysis. Being properly taught how to do both of those, my confidence in writing those types of writings has sky-rocketed. Now with the knowledge I have of how to write rhetorical and literary analyses, I feel strong about working independently with these subjects. My creativity has improved as well because I had experience with creative writing and blog posting on my own time, but in a classroom setting it is different. I learned how to reflect upon my own work. I learned how to be my own critique. But also, I learned that having other opinions about my work can help as well. The biggest aspect of this class that helped me develop as a writer was the peer-review sessions. Overall, this class has taught me how to be more aware in terms of my writing, my ideas, and my diction.

My work has been most affective this semester when I had the ability to write about whatever I wanted to. I got off to a slow start with the rhetorical and literary analyses because although the arguments were stemming from my mind, the content wasn’t. I was not critiquing my own work so it was difficult to break down other people’s writing at first. However, after I learned how to break down my own writing, it was easier to dissect others. The creative writing assignment helped me improve all aspects of my writing because I had to be concise with a limit of 1000 words. With that limit, I had to be very selective with what I wanted to write about. That was one problem I had throughout the semester; being concise. I would throw out a lot of ideas, but never expand on them. With my creative writing, I had to cut out a lot of ideas and focus on one specific idea. This was hard, but I was able to achieve it.

For me, I did not appreciate the first few assignments of the semester because it was not what I was expecting. When I first started the class, I thought it would be more of a creative writing class. However, now at the end of the semester I see how all of these assignments were similar in certain aspects. The rhetorical and literary analyses taught us how to critique other people’s ideas. The professional writing allowed us to have fun and pretend that we were working for a newspaper company. Each of these assignments were unlocking different parts of our brain which would be useful for the final assignments with the creative writing and the digital writing assignment. The analyses taught us how to be critical. The professional writing assignment taught us how to unlock our imagination. The final two assignments combined the both and allowed us to be creative. My understanding of writing has changed because now I know that there are many different types of writing, but they can all offer something that can apply to writing in general.

I used to blog before, but I stopped after some time. It was fun to start blogging again, and I enjoyed the use of wordpress. I tried to set up my wordpress so that I can use it even after this semester. I want to start writing creative stories more often and place them on my blog, so it is now developing my site to suit my creative writing needs. I do feel limited with the wordpress features because they do not offer a lot of additional widgets and plugins because it is the free version. One thing that I want to look into in order to further develop my site is hosting a website myself. This would allow me to add more features and have better layouts and such. My goal is to gain a base of readers that will offer feedback to further develop my writing abilities. I am excited that I finally got my blog up and running again and have a stepping stone into my creative writing with our assignment.

Overall, this semester was very helpful in terms of developing my writing skills. It also taught me any things such as how to properly use certain wordpress features. We also were exposed to other successful writers and even tools to help us publish our own writing. Not only did this class help with my writing, it taught me the basics of being a writer. There is more that I need to learn in order to develop my writing, but this class was a push in the right direction.


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