Project Proposal: Storify

One of the biggest conversations that has been spreading throughout the media is about racial injustice. For the most part, all of these conversations start and end the same: either an argument between two races or everything simply painted black and white. However, the conversation on racial injustice is not that simple.

With this project, I want to add a different perspective to the conversation to get away from this “black and white” way of looking at race. So in terms of racial injustice, I want to draw from both sides to show how both sides can be right as well as wrong. I want to show that there are extremes on both sides of the spectrum.

My individual project sort of ties into our group project which pertains to the circus act that Donald Trump has started in the political world. I will use social media platforms such as Twitter in order to gain insight into other people’s contribution to the conversation. The hashtag activism is a big component in helping me gain the insight that I need to compile my argument.

My biggest reason for starting this conversation is to spread awareness that both sides can be wrong, and that the racial problems in this country is not just black and white. I hope that this conversation opens the eyes of some people and allows them to see a different perspective that they normally do not see.

For the most part, I want to target the younger audience such as people my age because we are the future of this country and we will soon have the tools to make the changes necessary to bring change to our homeland. This is why I am choosing Twitter and Facebook as my platforms to draw from because those are popular networks that people my age are using. This conversation is the most relevant topic in our modern-day world because you cannot turn on your television or surf the web without hearing about another racially fueled problem. Ultimately, I will not be adding anything new to the conversation. I will be gathering points from both sides in order to show that maybe we are going about the concept of racial injustice in the wrong way.


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