The Whisper

I waved anxiously in her direction, hoping that she would notice my concerned look. For a moment, I stopped to see how foolish I looked with my arms flaring like a madwoman in the center of the cafeteria. Finally, she lifted her head up and looked in my direction. Her cheeks oozed red, and her smile stretched from cheek to cheek. Just as quickly as she looked, she turned her attention back and continued to be lost in the eyes of the most beautiful boy in school: Peter.

All she ever talked about was Peter. Peter is so cute. Oh my god! Did you see Peter in gym today? Peter just waved to me! She had been fantasizing about this boy since freshman year. Four years later, she still faithfully stalks his Facebook page. Whose to say that we don’t all do it? Though, she was the only one who ever had the courage to actually talk to him.

Today must have been a special day. The cafeteria served spinach as a side for the first time, ever. And now, she was finally talking to the boy of her dreams. But she needed my help, or else she would become the next laughing stock of the school.

“Helena!” I screamed from across the cafeteria. She looked up again, this time giving me the look: the look of embarrassment. Little did she know that she had a lot more to be embarrassed about. Again, she turned back and locked guys with Prince Charming. I couldn’t watch anymore without doing something, but I did not want to yell it so everyone could hear. Inching up to her face, I pulled her hair back and whispered to her.

“You have spinach in your teeth.”


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