Storify Project: Privilege

Upon further research into my Storify topic, I realized that many people are sharing the same opinions in relation to privilege. A lot of the comments that I saw had to do with the snubbing of black actors in the Oscars. This pattern is important because it is not just one person saying this. There are multiple people saying that this is a problem. A social problem is defined as a phenomenon that is considered undesirable by a significant group of people. A significant group of people believe that there are privilege problems in America. The anxiety that people are dealing with now is that they do not know how to address the topic of race. People get nervous when asked about racial problems in America because it is such a tender subject.

One concept from Taylor’s reading that kept resurfacing throughout my project was the idea of social capitalism. With the Oscars being a fresh racial problem in America, it is an easy topic to correlate with social capitalism. What sells in the American image. The movie industry has always been dominated by whites. There was even a time where men had to play the roles as women. African Americans have never been the face of the movie industry. This reason is solely because of profit. It is still believed that an all white cast would sell more tickets than an all black or mixed cast. People who contribute to this conversation have nothing to gain from it. There is no personal gain in social justice beside justice itself, and justice isn’t personal.

This conversation has connections dating hundreds of years back, because this fight for social justice is as old as America itself. However, this generation has a new way of activism. We learned about hashtag activism and such. Before, these technologies did not exist so everything was face to face. Now, it is easy for people all across the world to come together and join the conversation. The conversation has always been the same, it is just the means we use to contribute has changed, for good or for bad.


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