Heated Debates: Drawing a Blank

When was the last time your walked away from a discussion, only to think of The Perfect Comeback hours later? Recreate the scene for us, and use your winning line.

My biggest arguments are always either with my friends or my family. I cannot specifically remember a time when I left a discussion and think of a comeback hours later. Something I can remember though, is finding out some of the things my friends or family was arguing about was completely false.

The worse feeling you can have leaving a discussion is not knowing whether or not they are telling the truth. I was accused on doing something once, and I couldn’t remember whether it was actually me who did it so I could not argue back. However, I remembered hours later that it in fact was not even me. This always happens to me, thinking of a comeback hours later but I always choose not to come back because it’ll just make me look eager to win an argument that was over hours ago.

With my friends specifically, we love to discuss sports. Sometimes, random stats would be thrown into the discussion and you can’t really disprove them in the middle of the discussion. I feel like every argument I get into I am right, so I always feel the need to come back. Sometimes though, you just have to take a back seat because not everyone is open-minded enough to have their opinions change.



One thought on “Heated Debates: Drawing a Blank

  1. I never join discussion about sport. First, I don’t really understand sport. Second, there is always a crazy fan who will attack everyone (I make it sound bad).
    I agree that sometimes we just have to take a back seat.

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