“Hello,” Martha greeted him while holding the door into the building. Little did she know that this greeting would change her life forever.

“Thank you very much,” he smiled and pressed on. Nothing could change Martha’s happy mood. She had always been a friendly person, but today was special. Martha finally had the interview for her dream job. Since the first time she picked up a pen, Martha wanted to become a journalist.

“Hi, my name is Martha Paige and I have an interview with Mr. Jones today,” her smile reached from cheek to cheek.

“One second… Oh here you are. Please sign in here and head up to the last floor. Mr. Jones will be waiting for you in his office,” the security guard giggled. After signing in, she walked towards the elevator and pressed for the last floor. The security guard remained giggling in her direction.

Do I have something in my teeth? – she thought. The elevator ride felt like an eternity, thinking about what the security guard was laughing about. Unable to control her nerves, she stormed into the restroom and plopped herself in front of the mirror.

Nope, nothing. What was this man laughing about? – she washed her hands and left the restroom. She continued down the long hallway until she reached Mr. Jones’ office. Gathering her emotions, she knocked.

“Yes, please come in,” she heard from the other side of the door. As she opened the door, it all became clear. She now knew why the security guard was laughing the entire time.

“Hello Martha. You know that is the first time anyone has held the door for me in New York City.” Martha stood speechless. Her mother always taught her to be polite no matter who it is. She never knew that one day it would possibly lead her to getting the job of her dreams.

“Now let’s talk about this job position,” Mr. Jones smiled.


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