State of Mind: Waves


During my first trip to Canada, we stopped by a beach close to a friend’s home. The Fall weather created some waves, and a perfect environment to snap photos. After looking out into the sea, I felt the urge to take some photos. Once I got home, I started thinking about the pictures I took and it really hit me. I began reflecting on all of the things that were occurring in my life, and I related all of that to waves.

The beautiful thing about waves is that they can either be calm and relaxing, or they could be powerful and destructive. That is what I pictured my life to be. The things that goes on in my life are not always calm and relaxing. Sometimes, they are a bit destructive. But they eventually settle back into relaxing waves; however, just because you do not see the big waves does not mean that they are not out there. Somewhere else, they are picking up power and waiting for the next opportunity to come crashing down.

When I took this picture, the waves were very calm, just like how my life was at that point. I have a passion for traveling so being in Canada for the first time was amazing. Another thing about waves is that they often carry stuff ashore. Some of the things could be magical, while other things can be trash. This applies to life because you never know what or who is going to be brought into your life, and sometimes they might be good for you and other times they might be bad. I love how waves are unpredictable. Maybe it is because life is unpredictable.


4 thoughts on “State of Mind: Waves

  1. I have waves in my theme this week too. I love how you expressed the differences of the ocean and comparing it to the changes in life.

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