You are on a mission to Mars. Because of the length of of the journey, you will never be able to return to Earth. What about our blue planet will you miss the most?

Day 128:

It is day 128 of my lonesome voyage into the dark abyss that we call space. Scientists made a breaking discover five years ago, claiming that the planet would not hold out much longer and that humanity would soon reach its demise. NASA kicked their M.A.R.S program into high gear five years ago, hoping to establish sustainable life on Mars. I was the lucky one who got chosen to carry out this mission, or so I thought.

At first, I was eager to be the one-man team that would be sent on this mission that had the possibility of saving humanity. It isn’t until now that I truly understand that there will be returning home, and years from now until I can see another face. What if this mission is unsuccessful and there is no way to sustain life on Mars? Will I wander lifelessly, alone, for the rest of my time? These questions never crossed my mind when I first volunteered my name for this mission. To be honest, I thought anything would be better than the reality I was living back on Earth. No job, no family, no girlfriend, life was anything but living. I wanted to float away into space and leave all of my problems behind, but now I am longing for gravity.

My journey is not even a quarter of the way and I am already missing life back on Earth. I miss the warm showers, I miss the variety of food, I miss life. I miss the unpredictability of my life, and how I didn’t know what was going to happen next. Every day I wake up in this spacecraft, I know it’s going to be the same thing. I am confined to this craft and it is starting to make me go crazy. Imagine locking yourself in a room for three years, without seeing another soul or having another conversation with anyone else but yourself. That’ll drive anyone crazy.

I felt like I didn’t belong on earth because nobody even cared if I walked the planet. Now, I wish that I could take it all back and wake up on my cot on the floor. I wish that I could see another face, even if they do not see mine. Because to be honest, I would rather be a blur on Earth than a spec in this vast, lonely, swallowing darkness.


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