A classic question, revisited: what are the five items you must have on a deserted island?

I am big on watching survival shows, mainly so I can remind myself that I would never be able to survive in a wilderness for an extended amount of time because of how modern my life is. I probably would not even know how to start a fire if I got lost. A lot of my must-have items that I use now would never be useful if I was ever stuck on an island. Hopefully, those survival shows taught me enough to know what to bring.

I think that the first item I would bring would be a machete. A machete would be vital in clearing pathways, hunting prey and even collecting food. In almost every survival show I have seen, they have had some type of knife on their person. I wouldn’t know what type of animals would be on the island, so I would need something to protect myself with. Also, I can use the blade to sharpen sticks and create things like a possible shelter. A machete really is a universal tool if stranded on an island.

My next item would have to be a water container. Water is the main reason why people do not survive in the wilderness. I would not want to be put in a position where I have no water supply to survive until I am rescued. I would cherish water over food if I was stuck on a deserted island. I can go a longer time without food that I could without water.

One thing that I cannot forget to bring is a compass. I recently played a survival game: Ark. In this game, I could not even navigate through those islands so I surely know that I will never be able to navigate through an actual island in real life. I would have to explore the island to scavenge for resources and possibly other people so if I have a base set up, I would need to know how to return to it.

A big one that I see on every survival show is a fire starter. I saw videos on how to start a fire using sticks, but that process was long and very complicated. I would rather have a fire starter so I can easily make fire when needed. Without fire, there is no heat or cooked food. Raw food could give me stomach viruses and I wouldn’t want that stranded on an island.

As a writer, I cannot forget to have a journey with me. Especially without anyone on the island with me, I would need a journey to write in to keep myself from going insane. You never know, I could possibly be writing a book about me stuck on an island while I’m stuck on an island. Inception.

I can only hope that these five items would save my life until someone came and rescued me. But I guess we will never know, that is unless I get stuck on an island in the near future.


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