For today’s prompt, we have to respond to one word: leap. I decided to create a poem about it since I am testing my hand in poetry (even though I really have no idea what I’m doing). For me, my leap has to be after I graduate college in a year. That is a giant leap because I then have to worry about paying student loans, living on my own, finding a job and basically becoming an adult. This is a daunting reality for me, but I am ready to take the leap and begin my life life!


It is time

for the leap of faith.

I do not

know where I’ll end up

but I must.


It is time

to face my fears and

take the leap

into adulthood and face responsibilities.

It is time.




3 thoughts on “Leap.

  1. Here’s a wish and a prayer for all the best for you, from someone at the other end of the lifespan. I well remember being where you are. So many possibilities, decisions, responsibilities–what an exciting time of life! Carpe diem 🙂

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