Fear or Intuition?

We have all experienced a time where our actions were limited by fear. Fear is considered to be the strongest emotion that man can feel. I would have to agree that fear is very powerful; however, is it truly fear that prevents us from unlocking our true potential? I think that we do not give ourselves enough credit for the things that we are capable of.

How are you so sure that fear is what is preventing you from doing something? Could it be that your intuition is stronger than your fear? The mind works in mysterious ways, and works without you even knowing it. People are quick to label someone as fearful or weak when they choose not to do something that seems dangerous; however, could it be that the mind knows that the particular actions you are committing is not a safe one?

For example: I was riding the subway home after school one afternoon, and I dropped my student metro-card into the subway tracks. It is the NYC subway system –known for their cat-sized rodents. There is a possibility that I could be diseased if bitten by one, but that is not all. There is always the possibility of being electrocuted by the third rail, and even the possibility of being hit by a train.

I decided that my student metro-card was not worth the risk. Was that an act of fear, or an act of my intuition? When my metro-card fell, I almost instantly knew not to try and retrieve it. Was it that I was fearful of the infamous NYC rats? I believe that i did not act in fear. I do believe that it was my intuition that led me to believe that jumping down onto the subway tracks was not a smart idea.

Don’t get me wrong, there are a lot of things that fear prevents people from doing. If I am afraid of the dark, I am not going to go into a pitch-black cave strictly because of fear. However, I do believe that it is not only fear that prevents you from doing certain things.

One of my high school teachers told me a story about a child (not sure of the validity of this story) who was born without the ability to feel fear. Because of her lack of fear, the child would do things that people would not normally do. In the story, she jumped into a stranger’s car, not knowing what could possibly happen. She assumed that the man was friendly, and her lack of fear prevented her from thinking about what could have gone wrong.

However, I do not believe that she was naive because of her lack of fear. Admittedly, I questioned this story, at least in my mind I did. How could someone not think of the consequences that comes with their actions. The ability to think does not come with the ability to feel fear. Even if you do not feel fear, you should not lack the ability to think of the endless possibilities of things that can go wrong.

Sometimes, fear and intuition work hand and hand. Without the knowledge of something, you will not be fearful of it. You have to experience something, either personally or verbally, in order to be fearful of it.

So which one is stronger? Is fear stronger? Is your intuition stronger? Could it be possible that fear and intuition are the same thing?



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