Promise (Blackout Poem)


As a class assignment, I was required to come up with a blackout poem. Ultimately, this is what I came up with. My thinking behind this poem was simple: we all have things that we love to do, and if we add passion, greatness, progress and memories to it, it will create a better environment for the world.

Personally, I love to write and I have aspirations to become a writer sometime in my life. I know that if I have passion for my craft, show the greatness that I can achieve, show the progress I have made, and make memories for people to share, that my dreams can come true. Those four words were the words that stood out to me throughout the entire article. I believe that without passion, you cannot enjoy doing something. Without striving for greatness, there is no end-goal. Without progress, there is no way of showing if you are working towards your goal. Without memories, what’s the point of doing it all?


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