I am the roots beneath the earth,

rarely noticed but always there to support.

I stay in my place, hidden beneath your dirt.


I am the branches that twist and contort,

ready to bend to your every will.

I stay flexible, willing to snap for your comfort.


I am the wind chilling the spines of the Nashville,

filling the air with lustrous sound.

I stay deaf -your song is what my ears fill.


I am the rose that grows from the concrete,

overcoming the adversity of your love.

I stay numb to your touch so bittersweet.


You are thorns, the foundation of my crown.

Pricking my soul, I bleed onto your feet.

You stay blind to the pain I suffer deep down.


I wait for the buzzing of the chainsaws,

the lumberjack puts me out of my misery.

And just like the birds who fly south,

you vanish into thin air.


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