A/V Project: Donald Trump

What I wanted to achieve with this video was to use a sarcastic and satirical tone to show how insane it is that people support the beliefs of Donald Trump. The things he says he will do to make this country great again are preposterous, and I do not know why anyone would support him. A lot of people take the head-on approach to bashing Donald Trump, but I wanted to add a satirical spin to it to make the argument strong. This project was more for laughs than anything else, but it also is to reveal just how naive some of us are. I believe the more that we feed into Donald Trump with rage, the powerful he becomes. I think I was most successful with the renderings I added of him talking while adding suspense with the background music. I realized after finishing the video that I did not add my own voice to the video, and that there was not much of an argument presented which is probably where my video will be weak in. However, I do think that I succeeded with my goal which is to get a few giggles out of this project.

The challenge to making this video was that I did not know which audio I was allowed to use for my personal project. The editing of the video itself was challenging as well. Since I am still new to video editing, getting the audio to blend with each other was a challenge. The images were easy to come across, but the audio was the most difficult thing about this process. It took a while, but I eventually managed to merge the audio files together. Something that I can do with the media that I can’t do with words is show the true side of Donald Trump. My words cannot illustrate the type of person Trump is like his own words can. I believe that his voice was more powerful in this project than me adding my own words. The questions I asked in the video were all rhetorical questions, and were not intended to be answered. The limitations I had with this project is the amount of audio from Donald Trump. I did not know what I could extract and use, so I limited myself to the amount of audio I used.

In terms of fair use, I found all of my audio clips from YouTube and my photos from Google with the license to reuse. These files are not being used for any personal gain, only for comedic use. None of the photos that I used were altered in any way. They are the original photos in which I received them. My usage for these files were technically for the criticism of Donald Trump, which grants permission to use these files fairly without the need for permission from the original copyright holder.

Project Transcription:

AV Transcription